Atlanta Baby Photography – One Year with Bailey Anna

Being the age that I am, a lot my friends are starting to have kids….and I love it! It’s so exciting! It’s even more exciting when friends that I’ve known practically my entire life are having children! So you can imagine my enthusiasm when my friend Lora, who I grew up with, asked me to take photographs of her and her husband Josh and their sweet little girl Bailey Anna.

Check out that smile on that cute little girl. She is so precious!

Bailey Anna is obviously a flower-lover, so her parents decided to bring some for her to play with. It’s so cute how delicate she is with the petal!

Living near Atlanta is awesome, mainly because your so close to all different types of settings. In Atlanta you have the big city, and then you can drive just a little bit and be out in the country. I went to Winder to meet Josh, Lora and Bailey Anna and we had lots of fun taking these photographs at this old barn! I love the contrast of the blue they were wearing, and the wood of the barn.

Baily Anna is so cute, I just can’t get over it! I mean her red hair, blue eyes and huge smile, what’s not to love?! She also has a great sense of humor-she kept leaning on her head making us laugh!! Thank you Lora, Josh and Bailey Anna for such a great day! You are a beautiful family, and I loved photographing you and your precious little girl!

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